Painting, drawing--making things--is the way that I have always made sense of my life. Whatever happens to me or around me or within me eventually finds its way into my work, either overtly or wearing various disguises. The delight of it for me is in the discovery, that moment when what was previously hidden or confusing is suddenly made clear, arriving mysteriously in physical form. It seems to bypass the channels of logic, to seep (or sometimes blast) itself into being. Forms and figures may show up; sometimes words arrive from various sources--poetry, prose, music or dreams.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ---Patricia Beggins Magers

The work in this gallery represents a range of interests, subject matter and media. I use whatever methods suit the expressive needs of the work, whether oil, acrylic and other water-based paint, drawing materials, collage, encaustic (mixing heated beeswax with oil paint) or constructing three-dimensional pieces from found objects, wood or clay. In painting I use a range of finish, on a continuum from sketchy abstraction to highly realistic. I have a particular love for the expressive possibilities of the figure, landscape and the natural world.


The work of Patricia Beggins Magers can be seen at The Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.